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Steam Doesn’t Have So Many Game Activation Limits After All!

A few games that I own should have various activation limits, or at least that’s what this site says. I was unhappy about that, so I decided to contact Valve with this matter.

Valve support was extremely slow (as always) – it took them almost a week to answer my question! However the answer was simple: “If there is no activation limit mentioned in the store page – there is no activation limit“. After reading that important piece of information, I checked every title I own to see if there is real any information about the activation limits. Turns out that there isn’t, except for GTA IV, and still it says that the game can be activated unlimited number of times (kinda pointless to mention it then, isn’t it?). After that, I’ve decided to check the rest of the games that supposedly have activation limits. Interestingly enough, I found out that as of now, only the following games have some kind of limitations:

I’m wondering if the author made a false list unintentionally by not investigating deep enough and thinking that that’s okay, or if he made it intentionally to get a lot of traffic at the cost of providing false information to current and potentially future Steam users.

Below you can find a screenshot of the conversation between me and Valve as a proof.

Official answer from Steam Support about the DRM limitations

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